What To Expect

When I arrive at the subject property I will take anywhere from 1 1/5 hours and up to 3 hours to take the photos. Unless I've been given specific instructions, I photograph all living areas, including all bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry, etc., as well as exterior photos of the front and back yards. Most shoots yield from 25-30 photos.

I use professional Nikon cameras along with top of the line lenses including a wide angle lens. In most cases your property will be photographed with a combination of ambient, flash fill lighting, multiple exposures and manipulated with post processing techniques to create the final photos that best representation the property.

Delivery: Within 24 hours your images will be available online for viewing and downloading.

Please note: I will provide quality photographs. I will straighten and move some things around that I might see in my lense, but I do not stage the home, make the bed or mow the lawn, etc. Please make sure the home is in the condition you want it to be photographed in. If the home is occupied please inform your clients and advise them to straighten up, change lightbulbs, and declutter if necessary before my arrival. If the property is vacant you may want to check it out for yourself to be sure it is ready.